Select the services you need at less cost.

You can sell your house at less cost. Sell your house yourself in Mesa

You can sell your own house.

480-262-0534 or (800) 230 5949

Select the services you want.

    MLS Listing                                        $450.00 

   Photography & For Sale sign        $200.00

(30 pictures )                                       

    Video & Narrative                            $600.00

    House Showing(4hrs each)            $100.00

    4 page Flyers  (25 minimum)         $  40.00

          Sales Commission                             negotiable

Market Analysis                               free

Staging Advice                                  free

Your Own Web Site                         free

Your own "You Tube" site              free



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Sell your house yourself, at less cost

(480) 262-0534 or (800) 230 5949